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Equip your offices, workshops or laboratories from 30 to 1000+sqm in one of our 15 buildings. We offer flexible spaces, to be tailored to your growing needs.


Extérieur 3 bis

Cassiopée, 2023

The elegant design of Cassiopée building, with its uncommon cantilevered glazed volume and facade treatment, gives the project a unique personality that makes it stand out within its environment.

Business and Innovation Centre (CEI 3) 3rd generation, 2011

The 3rd generation Business and Innovation Centre offers a refined volume. The visibility of the building as well as the modulation of the surfaces are intended to bring out the best of your company.
Y-PARC Batiment CEI3

Copernic - Building A, 2020

Building A is over 160 m long and stands beside the railway line, ensuring maximum visibility and accessibility. The infrastructure of the first two floors makes them perfect for industrial, artisan and production activities. The top two floors, built around a central alleyway bathed in natural light, are an ideal place to set up laboratories or offices. The highly flexible layout allows for a wide variety of options in tailoring work spaces to you company’s needs.

Copernic - Building C, 2020

Building C, located on the edge of a roadside plot, is very easy to see from the science and technology park’s east entrance. The floors are of varying heights, enabling a wealth of options for usage types and layouts. Production activities, administrative offices and open-plan layouts can all be accommodated, either separately or together in any combination you choose.
Y-Parc Batiment E-Space

E-SPACE, 2010

Located at the gates of Y-PARC, only a few dozen metres from the highway exit, this building has a resolutely contemporary "E" shaped architecture, which gives it density, space, luminosity and a strong visual identity.

Perret - Gentil

A refined architecture whose modernity offers a quality setting to its occupants, both in terms of design and functionality. The premises are equipped with raw, semi-finished or finished equipment according to the choice of the tenant, who is supported for the development chosen by the project architect. Parking lots are also available in and around the building.


Located in the heart of Y-PARC, close to the ECA's "red" restaurant, this modern, human-sized building offers excellent space for various activities such as R&D, training, administration, etc.

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Y-PARC - Yverdon-les-Bains’ Science and Technology Park is meant to welcome technology companies in production, research and development and education.


The Y-PARC SA team is at your disposal for any further information and will be pleased to support you in your implementation project.

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