Y-PARC SA’s team is here to help.


Y-PARC SA provides free support for any establishment project at Y-PARC:


  • Reception and information desk
  • Organization of visits of Y-PARC and of available premises
  • Support for administrative procedures related to building permits and legal procedures
  • Collaboration with local, cantonal and national authorities
  • Introduction to Y-PARC’s companies, HEIG-VD R&D institutes and economic promotion and business support structures
  • Network of specialised partners, financial and tax experts and lawyers.


Our Team

a dynamic team to support your projects

Olivier Collet

ad interim Director
+41 24 524 10 10

Olivier owns a bachelor degree in economics followed by various training in Leadership, finance, business transformation and change management.

He has a long professional experience abroad (USA, UK, Germany, Italy) in the medtech industry (dental, orthopedics, urology).

Olivier has assumed various senior executive positions such CEO and Vice President & General Manager in SME and large multinational companies where he acquired solid competencies in strategic vision, business transformation and change management.

Fanny is an Executive Assistant at Y-PARC SA. She manages the human resources and is in charge of the financial and administrative aspects of Y-PARC SA. Her main mission is to support the direction in several strategic projects. Moreover, she manages different aspects related to the PST Co-ownership and the intercompany mobility plan.

Fanny has more than 15 years of experience at Y-PARC SA. She completed her apprenticeship there and returned in 2009 as administrative and accounting secretary. All these years of experience give her a complete history of the company, which is a precious asset for the management.

Dynamic and ambitious by nature, Fanny brings her part to the City of Yverdon-les-Bains by organizing the Antidote Festival every year. She charmingly reconciles her family, professional and cultural life.

Fanny Dubrit

Adjointe de direction
+41 24 524 10 14

Maude Schneider

Cheffe de Projet Senior
Prospects / Promotion / Communication /Events
+41 24 524 10 12

Maude joined Y-PARC in September 2011 and welcomed the first start-ups at the creation of Y-START incubator. As a Senior Project Manager, she helps companies and prospects in their implementation project. She is also responsible for the promotion and communication strategy as well as the organization of several events.

Having started her professional career with the Association pour le Développement du Nord vaudois (ADNV), Maude knows well the economic players in the region and works closely with the institutes of the Haute Ecole d'Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud (HEIG-VD). She has a wide network and experience that she uses to the benefits of project leaders, resident companies and partners in the park.

Competitive and dynamic, Maude is always ready to challenge her family and friends to both table football and badminton (as long as she wins!). She particularly enjoys wandering in the nature with her two horses.

After working as a project assistant at Y-PARC in the summer of 2018, Anaïs returns to the team in 2021, this time as an administrative assistant. She handles administrative tasks for the entire team, in addition to running the front desk and reception.

Anaïs is always motivated when it comes to learning. She is interested in every challenge that is thrown at her, and won't hesitate to even instigate one. Her fear? Boredom!

In parallel to her gymnasium studies in Yverdon, her hometown, and her studies in literary writing in Bienne, she has multiplied her professional experiences in the fields of retail, assistantship and content creation.

In Anaïs' bag, there is always a book, no matter how big or small. As for her laptop, it is full of ideas for texts to be written, novels, short stories, may they be in progress or finished.

Anaïs strives to do the right thing, being as pleasant as possible, able to listen and to be heard. She who, as a little girl, dreamed of becoming a judge, does not cross any crosswalk if the light turns orange. With this uprightness, Anaïs brings to the team an easy laugh and a contagious smile.

Passionate and creative, Anaïs has a boundless imagination that constantly pushes her to innovate, both in her private and professional life.

Anaïs Sancha

Administrative Assistant
+41 24 524 10 10





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Y-PARC Swiss Technopole SA
Avenue des Découvertes 3
CH-1400 Yverdon-les-Bains

Executive board


ad interim
Pierre-Luc Maillefer


Pierre-Luc Maillefer


Pierre Dessemontet
Mayor of Yverdon-les-Bains

Vincent Dessenne
General Manager, Heraeus Materials

Catherine Hirsch
Director, School of Management and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD)

Nadia Mettraux
Director, ADNV

Mathieu Piguet
Deputy director, CVCI


Raphaël Conz
Head of Enterprise Unit, promotion of economy and innovation service (SPEI), Canton of Vaud

Partenaires & Réseaux

Nous remercions nos partenaires privés et publics pour leur collaboration à notre écosystème d’innovation.

Main academic partner

Y-PARC works in close collaboration with its main academic partner the HEIG-VD (more than 2,000 students and scientists, 13 research & development institutes)

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Public and financial support

Y-PARC is supported by public institutions.

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Other partners

Y-PARC participates in initiatives to promote innovation and entrepreneurship

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Contact us


Y-PARC  Swiss Technopole SA
Rue Galilée 7
CH-1400 Yverdon-les-Bains

+41 24 524 10 10

Mobility solution

Optimize your travels with our mobility plan

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Access to Y-PARC

By car

  • Crossroad of the A1, A5 and A9 highways
  • Yverdon-Sud exit is in close proximity to the park

By train and bus

  • 2 km from Yverdon-les-Bains train startion
  • bus coming every 10 minutes
  • 30 km from Lausanne and Vallorbe train stations

From the airport

  • 80 km from Geneva Airport
  • 200km from Zürich-Kloten Airport
  • 180km from Bâle-Mulhouse Airport
  • from Berne-Belp Airport
  • airfield of Yverdon-les-Bains with hard-surface runways